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Information on UNITEX Corporation’s
2019 NAB Show Booth(Completed)

Thank you very much for your continued support for our product. We inform you here that we will exhibit to NAB Show 2019 which is held at Las Vegas Convention Center, USA from 6th April until 11th April, 2019 as follows.

6th April (Sat) – 11th April (Thu), 2019
High speed USB LTO Video data archive solution
LT80H USB - High speed 240MB/sec USB3.0 interface LTO-8 tape drive supporting the latest large capacity LTO-8
Dual LTO - USB3.0 interface LTO tape drive with two drives which enable LTO Primary/Secondary tape simultaneous creation, Duplication, Migration of each generation
Multi-functioned Dual LTO - Built-in PC Dual LTO with touch panel, supporting execution from the remote clients on network as well
UNITEX ArchiveLT - Archive software which enables "high speed archive/retrieve to LTO tape/HDD/Optical Disk Archive" and "metadata & off-line data management"
Las Vegas Convention Center
South Hall(Lower):SL14518

NAB Show 2019
Multi-functioned Dual LTO UNITEX ArchiveLT Dual LTO LT80H/70H/60H/50H USB