Dual LTO

LTO/CMT Magnetic Tape

Dual LTO Series
USB3.1 LTO Dual Tape Drive

Simultaneous creation of Multiple LTO tapes, Duplication, and Migration
USB3.1 interface Tape Drive with two LTO drives


Simple connection with USB3.1 plug and play

USB3.1 plug and play

  • Connectable to both laptop PC and server
  • External devices can also be connected via 4 x USB3.1 ports
    on the front

Ideal for simultaneous creation of multiple LTO tapes
and duplication

simultaneous creation

  • Integrated model with two LTO drives
  • Compact enclosure, requiring only one power supply

Drive unit that enables customization according
to the purpose of use


  • Each LTO generation's drive for migration
  • Optical drive to create optical media
  • Media recognition unit

Convenient functions by collaboration software *

High speed archive & retrieve

High speed archive

  • Maximum data transfer speed 240MB/sec
  • Enables high speed data archive to make the maximum use of device's performance by UNITEX unique data transfer algorithm

Performance information record and display


  • Graphical display of data transfer speed for each archive source and archive destination
  • Past performance information can be referred from job history
  • It can also be used for troubleshooting such as processing speed bottleneck investigation

Reliable Job History Management function

Job History

  • The job execution result for the important data asset is stored automatically. And you can check it in Job History Management window.
【Job History Management function】
・Job execution result
・Job processing time
・Information of the input source/the output destination
・List of Job processing data
・Hash value (MD5/SHA-1)
・Performance information

Collaboration functions with bar code reader

bar code reader

  • LTO tape recognition without loading media
  • Offline search of files and LTO tape quality report by information of LTO tape recognition

*Collaboration software varies depending on the OS


GUI utility which enables all the operation
of LTFS on one window (Standard)


LTFS3000 GUI utility
  • Enables all the operation of LTFS on one GUI.
  • Enables data transfer/copy/deletion by drag & drop operation from Windows Explorer and Mac Finder easily.
  • Multiple LTO drives can be used simultaneously.
  • Data can be shared and exchanged in multiple OS environments
    (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • *Not compatible with LT40

Data copy software (Optional)


LTFS Data copy software
  • Simultaneous copy to maximum 4 media (LTO/HDD)
  • High speed copy by UNITEX unique algorithm to shorten the processing time
  • Execute integrity check of copy data by verify function
  • Job history management

  • *Not compatible with LT40

Example of using UNITEX LTO tape drive

Easy backup/archive from a laptop PC to an LTO tape

  • Ideal as an entry model of LTO tape drive
  • Ideal for hardware migration in a small-scale environment where backup and archive with DAT160 was executed
  • Realize the storage of large amounts of data with the latest LTO-8
  • Space saving of tape storage location

Storage of large amounts of high resolution video data

  • Archive video asset such as film/VTR
  • Responding to archive media’s requirements as the amount of video data increases

Archive data shot by surveillance camera

  • Archive large amounts of video data under the situation that the number of surveillance cameras with high resolution/colorization increase, which are used in various scenes such as crime prevention, food defense, etc.

Storage of electronic medical record/medical image data,
Data exchange with other hospitals/research institutes

  • Archive large amounts of data that increase in volume due to higher resolution of electronic medical record/medical image data
  • Long-term storage of medical data, Exchange of data between hospitals


Dual LTO series -Main models
Model DualLT 8080 USB
DualLT 6080 USB
DualLT 4060 USB
Drive Type LTO-8 x 2 LTO-6 x 1
LTO-8 x 1
LTO-4 x 1
LTO-6 x 1
Cartridge Type LTO-8 Data Cartridge LTO-6 Data Cartridge
LTO-8 Data Cartridge
LTO-4 Data Cartridge
LTO-6 Data Cartridge
Capacity 12.0TB (Native) / 30.0TB (2.5:1 Compression) LTO-6: 2.5TB (Native) / 6.25TB (2.5:1 Compression)
LTO-8: 12.0TB (Native) / 30.0TB (2.5:1 Compression)
LTO-4: 800GB (Native) / 1.6TB (2:1 Compression)
LTO-6: 2.5TB (Native) / 6.25TB (2.5:1 Compression)
Interface USB3.1 TypeA
OS support Mac / Windows / Linux
Dimensions (mm) 410(D) x 180(W) x 280(H)
Weight 10Kg
Power consumption 90W (125VA)

*Drive type can be customized.

Optional device
  • LTO-4 / LTO-5 / LTO-6 / LTO-7 / LTO-8 tape drive
  • DVD / Blu-ray drive
  • Bar code reader
  • Extension USB3.0 port