LTO Seminar

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the continued patronage of our products.
This time we introduced our LTO tape drive "LT80H USB" and Archive software "UNITEX ArchiveLT" at India LTO tape seminar organized
by FUJIFILM HQ and FUJIFILM India in Mumbai and Banglore where the economic growth is remarkable.
Please see our report with some photos.

mainly IT solution providers

The venue was filled with the enterprises interested in LTO archives, mainly IT solution providers and Broadcast equipment/Video production companies


Our "LT80H USB" and "UNITEX ArchiveLT" exhibited at the seminar

Indian curry

Authentic Indian curry in buffet dinner.
Surprised by the number of spices.


LTO archive software "UNITEX ArchiveLT" gained a good reputation for superb operability.

Scene of QA sessions

Scene of QA sessions. By the advanced question, we were able to feel high interest.

LTO tape drive

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