The certified devices of Retrospect Backup for MAC / Windows

Added latest LT series to the list of certified devices of
"Retrospect Backup for Windows / MAC

Retrospect's backup software "Retrospect Backup for Windows / MAC" is a reliable backup software that has backed up various companies in Japan and overseas.

The latest model of Unitex USB3.0 connected LTO tape device "LT series" has been added to the list of certified devices of "Retrospect Backup for MAC / Windows”. We are able to offer more flexible proposals to customers considering tape backup. Our LTO tape device can be easily installed on servers, laptops and PCs without a special expansion card. Furthermore, you can connect and disconnect the LTO tape device without stopping and restarting of the OS.

See Retrospect's "Certified Devices" for more information.
Retrospect Backup for Windows / MAC certified UNITEX LTO tape unit
Generation LTO-8
Interface USB/SAS
Certified device LT80H USB, LT80H USB/SAS