UNITEX LTO & Square Box Systems CatDV

Verification of Media Asset Management (MAM)
"CatDV" of Square Box Systems in the latest LT series

With the cooperation of Ask Media & Enterprise Division, we verified the operation (archive, retrieve, etc.) of the MAM system "CatDV" of Square Box Systems work with Unitex's USB3.0 connection LTO tape device "LT series."
Based on this verification, we can offer more flexible proposals to customers considering tape archiving.
It only supports archiving from desktop clients. Our LTO tape device can be easily installed on servers, laptops, and PCs without a special expansion card. Furthermore, you can connect and disconnect the LTO tape device without stopping and restarting the OS.

Besides, the tape archiving / retrieving can be realized even with a small system configuration.

UNITEX LTO tape device verified by “CatDV”

Generation LTO-8 / LTO-7 / LTO-6
Interface USB/SAS
Introduction of Square Box Systems
CatDV is a scalable, cross-platform, multimedia asset database from a UK-based software company, Square Box Systems Ltd. It handles a wide range of file types, with enhanced support for video content. CatDV includes media analysis tools and automatic scene detection to extract the metadata inherent in most media files, together with support for importing and exporting edit decision lists and other video-oriented file formats.
The software works on Mac and Windows platforms and is designed to work as a librarian, logging, and workflow improvement tool for non-linear editing systems.
The software provides a searchable catalog for the large number of multimedia file types that exist, with log notes and thumbnails available using either on-line or off-line lower resolution proxy videos. The off-line file browsing facility enables re-use in multiple projects, especially when network connectivity or bandwidth issues apply.
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