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it is used to transfer large amounts of video data between mac and windows in the field

With regularization of digital broadcasting, many innovations started in a variety of ways to Video broadcasting technology.
In such industry, NHK Media Technology has been in business for planning,film making, exhibition and production such as multilateral while extrusion at the forefront of innovations. NHK Media Technology investigates about backup by LTO-6 tape drive in addition to the storage and administration of video data by hard disk drive. As a solution, they determined to use " LT60 USB " (hereinafter, LT60) which can be connected with USB3.0. Currently, LT60 pull out the advantages in management and operability as well as TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), it becomes an alternative of hard disk drive.

NHK Media Technology, Inc.
Dai-3 Kyodo Bldg. 4-14, Kamiyama-cho,Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan

  • Technical operations involved in the delivery and production of broadcast program contracted by NHK
  • Video, audio and lighting equipments related to production technology. Video, audio and lighting equipments related to production technology of rental equipments, outdoor broadcasting van, MA room, editing room and projection room. Material, planning of equipment, design, production and sales
  • Information system consulting, planning, design, development, operation, maintenance, and education
  • Planning, design, construction and sale, of information system equipments
  • Design, development and operation of Web applications
  • Design, development and operation of security and network system
  • Development and supply of internet application service

Mr. Tetsuya Kaneko

Broadcast Engineering Department
Business Development Division
NHK Media Technology, Inc.

This demonstrates the good effectiveness in the big data era. It made easily to handle big capacity data from shooting to archiving since it supports Mac and Windows OS.

Lifetime of LTO tape is attractive at broadcasting field

In recent years, the video contents in the broadcast industry are stored and managed by hard disk drive (hereinafter HDD). However, "The lifetime of HDD is 4-5 years and its not suitable as long-term storage. On the other hand, LTO, which has become attractive recently, has 15 years as manufacturer's warranty." said Mr. Tetsuya Kaneko who is manager of Broadcast Engineering Department of NHK Media Technology, Inc. (hereinafter NHK MT).

When video contents will be stored long-term and managed by broadcast equipment, it is not preferable that the stored data is no longer available in 4-5 years. If LTO tape is used, it is easy to use the data in the LTO again in the broadcasting or other purpose because the data is available 15 years. Thus, the transition to LTO is ideal way.

Due to these reasons, NHK MT had created the scheme of storage and management by implementation of LTO as archive media. However, if they want to store the data in LTO from VTR or HDD file, the data have to be converted in a format. As a result, the requests to store the current HDD file for broadcast without conversion in another file format came out.

Whatever the video content is, all contents are our important assets. If the contents are no longer playback, it is similar to lose a lifeline. That's why, not only stored and managed over a long period of time but also can be used in various PC environment is important.

Advantage in the field to introduce “LT60” is to support multiple OS

A major reason to introduce "LT60" is the benefits at the field. LT60 can support multiple OS. "The big advantage of this product for us is that the data can be transferred on the two platforms of Mac and Windows. The most attractive point of LT 60 is that the data can be stored and managed as it is because of the multi platform support." Since LT60 supports Linux as well, it can transfer various data in between variety of inter-OS smoothly.

"There is a cost advantage on LTO than HDD at least and operation of the LTO is easy. Regarding LT60, price point is reasonable in compare with the LTO that has already used.

In the case of HDD, similar to the car, so it is necessary to drive to put the power from time to time. So, it is not allowed just left the HDD in a warehouse two years. On the other hand, because LTO tape itself is storage, storage is possible with confidence when we just keep it since there is no drive. " he said as benefits of the LTO tape.

Future application of “LT60” and expectations to UNITEX

From business standpoint, I suppose many way to manage the LTO depend on the application will be proposed based on the application. At that time, the key to the user is how much budget range can be allowed. For example, in the case of small-scale production office, a situation may occur that they need LTO but there is limited budget. However, it is considered to be able to manage with "LT-60" which is LTO-6 tape drive with reasonable solutions.

Currently, LTO market is becoming very active because many competitors come. Especially, overseas supplier's expansion to the market is quite impressive. "I hope that Japanese companies will revive with ideas and technologies. I have an image that UNITEX is working very hard with small numbers of staff that is not seen in such large companies. I think that is figure that challenge to work with a dream, also flexible and versatile. When customizing is requested, UNITEX will use our customization as case study and we will be fulfilled our wishes by UNITEX. It is the best way to grow and to utilize each other as customer and supplier in a good way to accomplish Win-Win relationship.” he said as prospect of UNITEX.


USB LTO Tape Drive

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  • 2.5TB (Native), 6.25TB (2:5:1 compressed) data capacity per one LTO-6 tape
  • Maximum 140MB/Sec high access speed
  • By "Plug & Play" of USB function, user can use the drive with multiple systems such
    as server and note PC
  • Supports Linux/Windows/MacOS. Data can be exchanged regardless the platforms
LTFS function
(Linear Tape File System)
  • Easy data access and management can be done as well as files on disk, in the LTO tape
  • By common file/folder operation such as "Drag & Drop", it can read and write LTO easily.
  • Possible to share the data in between different OS
To those customers
  • Handles big data in broadcasting, video, surveillance camera and medical industry
  • Proceeds the work by sharing large amounts of data with other companies
  • Studies the archives destination of the video assets
  • Delivers the video related data for post-production
  • Delivers and stores CAD/CAM design
  • Organized and centralized management of image processing and medical record
    in the medical field

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